Cool Stuff Around The Web

For your viewing pleasure, here are a handful of cool tools, companies, or sites I've found while perusing the internet - usually found via, TechCrunch's Crunchbase email updates on companies that recently raised obscene amounts of capital, or "16 Free Tools That Make Content Creation Way Easier" via content-genius Jay Acunzo.

Pact - fresh, better tasting* coffee
(*haven't tried it so I can't verify that it tastes better, but I'm choosing to believe them)

Homejoy - $20 per hour house cleaners
Flat priced $20/hr house cleaning, nationwide, book online

DropCatch - magnetic bottle opener
Old-timey wooden bottle openers in 3 wood styles. A bit pricey but then again you'll have it for decades... or centuries (would this count as an heirloom?).
Custom furniture, home decor, and unique jewelry.

Haiku Deck - simply beautiful slide presentations
If you're okay with a simple visual aid, Haiku Deck looks like it'll beat PowerPoint or Google Drive Presentations for a nice looking slide deck.

Hubspot's HTML Hacks for Marketers
Now this looks interesting. Put together by Hubspot & Codeacademy. I'm including it here to not lose it later when I get a chance to read through the whole thing.

ClickToTweet - Easy Tweet Encouragement
Now this looks fun. I've seen different attempts at it, but this one's my favorite because it's #1 FREE and #2 SUPER easy to use. (example below in the closing paragraph)

There you have it. 7 cool reasons to keep loving the web. (Tweet it)