Mumford & Sons Video of New Song "Raise My Heart"

"Raise my Heart" (New Song) by Mumford & Sons @ The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas from danielthemaniel on Vimeo.

Sam and I went to the Mumford & Sons show held live on the pool at The Cosmopolitan. That's right, on the pool. They had a network of interlocking tiles set over the surface of the water that ended up holding a few thousand of us. Pretty impressive design feat if you ask me.

Needless to say, the show rocked. We've loved their music since Sam showed me their video for Little Lion man a little under a year ago, but seeing them live just boosted our Mumford love. One of my favorite things about them is seeing the weight of the lyrics on Marcus' face and even in his body when he sings each song. They mean something to him, every time. That's great song writing.