Foursquare Infographic Has One Major Disappointment

Foursquare (the iPhone app, not the denomination - which do you think will be around longer?) emailed me a link to their nifty infographic. I enjoyed looking through the stats on most-checked-in this or that, most checked in train station, most checked in Hotel (Woot Woot - Vegas has the #2 spot!).

But as I scrolled down I hit the "Most Popular Brand Pages" section and was completely taken aback.

I mean seriously people? MTV? Cmon! I don't know who I was expecting to rank first, but man - MTV what a bummer. Maybe it's just cuz I'm a little old school in that I remember when MusicTeleVision used to play music videos. Or maybe it's because I feel like 90% of MTV's programming is weakly produced, poorly-thought-out, mind numbing poison. (Whoa - tell me how you really feel, right?)

At least Bravo and The History Channel were on there. I haven't interacted with Zagat at all, so I have no idea if they deserve to be recognized. And VH1 is just a lesser MTV-evil.