Finally a Free Guitar App

It seems like this should've happened years ago, and from what I've read, there might have been one other free guitar app back in the day but it disappeared. I finally found a free guitar app for my iPhone 4 - called Guitar Free with Songs (if that's not keyword stuffing, I don't know what is).  

It's a very basic, no-frills app. As of yet it appears you get one acoustic guitar with no effects. But really, that's all I want. I'm not trying to write amazing guitar solos or rhythm hooks to change music forever. I just want something I can open up and strum on if I get a creative itch to scratch.

So, thanks Better Day Wireless for coming out with this. I'm sure the paid version is cool too, removing the ads, etc.

Check out a couple more screenshots below:

In-App Home Screen

Menu Can be Minimized for Full Screen Fretboard