Another Great Video from La Blogotheque and "Take Away Shows"

Yann Tiersen | A Take Away Show #1 | Dark Stuff | Dust Lane from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

I love these productions (I almost called them music videos - but they're really more than that). There's something about watching bands and artists perform their music live, you feel what they feel about the song. And the settings they put the bands in for each song are perfect - whether the streets of France, a small back room with half a dozen lucky friends and fans, or a foyer to an apartment building as the performance intersect with the life of the residents. Why does music mean so much to so many people? The rich and poor, artsie, mathematical, scientific, professional, and free-spirits alike can all be moved by the right tone, the right beat, the right lyric, the right melody. I love that we are all connected by music.