Tattoos, Business Cards, and Moo

Sam and I went to get tattoos to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. Our tattoo artist - Chance Gomez @ Red Handed Tattoo Gallery in Las Vegas (definitely go see Chance if you want a tattoo you'll love) gave us his business card (pictured below) and I had never seen a business card like it before.

It was half the size of a normal business card and each card had the image of a different tattoo Chance had done on the front, with his contact info on the back.

Today while I was catching up on emails, I glanced at one from Virb about their new site offering - building websites and hosting etc. and noticed a link at the bottom for free Business cards by MOO.COM to celebrate the new Virb.

Turns out - Moo makes those mini business cards, also called MiniCards.  And you can order them to be printed with a unique picture on each card. I also found custom cards, postcards, and regular business cards on Moo and they have pre-designed templates for those less artsie types that have nothing to upload.

Pretty cool if you ask me. Thats my story of Tattoos, Business Cards, and Moo.

PS. I just found out browsing the site that you can also create cards/business cards or whatever directly from your Facebook photos! Seriously. Check it out. Make MOO Business Cards, MiniCards, Stickers, Postcards and Greeting Cards with your Facebook photos.