First Blog

So I've decided to include in this blog tech deals that I find. I love to window-shop tech-vendors like the Fry's ad in the paper or deals New Egg. And I thought this info might be useful or interesting to a handful of people.

I thought I'd kick it off with external hard drives since that's what I'm in the market for. I don't need anything huge - my Mac's hard drive is only about 50 gig.

Photo of External Hard Drive
So my favorite deal that I found was an Eagle Tech 320GB external drive for about $56. The stats: 7200 RPM 8MB Cache USB 2.0. I've never heard of Eagle Tech though so that worries me. But for a $56 external hard drive it might be worth the try.
Another awesome buy would be this Seagate FreeAgent 750GB for $77. The stats on this one are: 7200 RPM USB 2.0. If you have the money, $20 can double your storage space and upgrade you to a brand I've actually heard of.

I'm still waiting for Fry's to come back with their 1 tb external drive for like $68. It was in a paper ad I had noticed before really shopping around for some storage space so I didn't think twice about it, now I'm kicking myself.

If you're not looking for a deal, but would rather have a quality brand name, well reviewed drive, check out this buying guide on external hard drives. It has a pretty good comparative line-up of drives of differnt sizes